I knew it wouldn’t take long before I did have something to say and I was right.

rukkus1 says: Aug 21, 2013 11:28 AM

Until Americans wake up and quit being slaves to the chains that divide us things in our country will continue to get worse.

If you still think theres a difference between a Democrat and Republican, you aint too bright. If you feel that just cuz someone doesnt want to go to the Whitehouse is because they are racist or bitter, you aint too bright.

When are you massses goin to wake up and realize that all these politicians are cut from the same cloth? None of them have our best interest in mind.

For people to think that someone should put their beliefs on the shelf and go to celebrate with politicians is really something. This country is far gone because a long history of worthless politicians.

This guy nailed it! There is no difference between the two sides and they only pretend to squabble about shit no one really cares about so that they don’t have to do anything real or actually important. This is the least productive congress in american history and it’s republican controlled. LEAST PRODUCTIVE IN AMERICAN HISTORY! The republicans never seem to bring that up do they? Or that Bush is a fucking criminal that should be tried for multiple crimes against the american people. No, I’m not a democrat either and it’s the ignorance of just accepting that heads or tails mentality as the greatest system in the world that is so fucking pathetic. The blindness people employ by choosing one side or the other, and then defending their choice with the standard rhetoric associated with that choice, is very telling. America doesn’t want to find real answers, we’ll just accept the version of the one who yells loudest and call it a fact. Poke your heads back into the sand people, nothing to see here. It’s just your civil rights and the few freedoms that are actually left getting removed so that no one ever becomes offended again and the chosen ones can still make money off of it.